Ocala Discount Mattress has better beds and better prices for Ocala and Marion County, plus Wildwood, Leesburg, and Williston or all of central Florida.  

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A better way to buy a good night's sleep, Online discount prices from a local business you can trust.

    Fast and Friendly Delivery.... scheduled, when it is convenient for you.    

    Ocala Discount Mattress is a new way to buy your next mattress. We'll do things in a unique way. A new mattress is a big purchase, rarely done more than once every five years. It's a "chore" no one looks forward too. You are at the mercy of a "know-it-all" salesperson in a franchise/chain store or someone with no training, in a department store at the mall. We are mattress experts with experience in the mattress factories and the bedding industry.
We want Ocala Discount Mattress store to be your local source for straight forward information, quality mattresses and lower prices.

   the Ocala Discount Mattress store will have prices that always includes the mattress and support base/ box springs. Not every new mattress purchase equires a new bed frame, but if you are changing sizes or new to the area, we have quality frames designed to work with traditional mattresses and the newer, memory-foam / Tempur-pedic mattresses. If you are interested in the "Sleep-Number" air-chamber, variable firmness beds, then you'll need a new strong base to spread the weight across the floor. We keep those in stock too.

The Ocala Discount Mattress store delivery service is going to be quick, prompt, and courtious, with appointments that fit your schedule....not ours. Mattresses are delivered and unwrapped, then set-up, where you choose, with your old bed removed. When you call the Ocala Discount Mattress store, we will show you how you can get the low "online" prices you are looking for, from a local, family owned business that cares about it's reputation.

    We'll announce our "opening day" and time, right here. We hope Marion County is excited about the Ocala Discount Mattress store.

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    Ocala Discount Mattress is looking for a local business owner/operator(s) that knows the mattress industry and understands what it takes to operate a retail store. If you have always wanted to own your own mattress store, You need to talk to me. My name is Graham. I'm the new store coordinator for City Discount Mattress.com. I want to find team members who understand how important customer relationships are. we do business in an exciting new way, but We know what it takes to be successful, over the long term.
    If you are interested send me an email. I'm Graham at City Discount Mattress -dot com.

    The Ocala Discount Mattress store       coming soon to Marion County  


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